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Allen Hicks


Kentucky, USA

I started using Antler-X-Treme All-N-One nutritional supplement in March of 2016 and it did not take long to notice the overall health of my deer was improving. The deer immediately started eating it and OH BOY did they like it! 2016 was an exceptional year for the acorns but I was still able to harvest this giant on the last eve of the KY archery season. He was my #1 hit lister and scored 199 5/8". He had lost 3 droptines in the course of the season, bu twas still a true giant. Thank You Antler-X-Treme! Allen Hicks

Derek Dirnberger

Hunterslink.com & The Break

Benton, MO

"During the late bow season of 2013, I had an encounter with a nice 140" 8-point that had a limp. He soon acquired the name, "Gimp". As the 2013 season ended, I began a supplemental feeding program that included Antler-X-Treme's All-N-One and Pow-R-Crunch concentrate mixed with corn. In the fall of 2014, I was able to take "Gimp" during the Missouri firearms season. "Gimp" added over 25" of bone taping out at over 167" with splits, kickers and a drop tine! All of this despite having an injured foot! I'm confident much of his growth can be attributed to Antler-X-Treme products." - Derek Dirnberger HUNTERSlink.com & The Break


Phillip Vanderpool

The Virtue TV

Arkansas, USA

U can have the most healthy deer product ever, but if the deer don't eat it, what good does it do? That's why I love my Antler-X-Treme, Pow-R-Crunch, and Crate-R-Maker products 'cause they just Work!! :) It's good for them and deer love it! Simply Off the Charts!


Terry Hill


Jackson, MO

I killed this awesome Antler-X-Treme buck less than 100 yards from the Redneck feeder he religiously visited prior to the first Iowa gun season 2014


Chad Onek

C and S Whitetails

El Dorado, KS


I have been using Antler-X-Treme products for the past 2 seasons. The past 3 seasons have been extremely dry. Since adding Antler-X-Treme to my management system we have been fortunate to not suffer from EHD. In 2013 we harvested our top 2 bucks since we started outfitting in 2006! Thank you Antler-X-Treme.




I started using the prototype of Antler-X-Treme All-N-One in 2011. Since I started using the product I have not seen any ticks on any of my deer. In the past three years with Kansas having a drought the bucks seem to have no problem putting on the inches to match the age and there is no signs of EHD. Antler-X-Treme Deer Products has by far been the best nutritional deer product I have used to better my deer herd.


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